Author: Scientific Strategy

MS-231 Package Bundling

Customers already have the choice of purchasing two individual Products instead of just one. But what would happen if you provided Customers with the option of purchasing a pre-packaged Bundle? This Market Simulation explores whether packaging together a Bundle from individual Products can increase Sales, Revenue, and Profitability.

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MS-241 Dynamic Costs

Dynamic Costs mean the incremental Cost of making and selling a Product can change. For example, the Cost To Make (CTM) a Product can decrease with scale as production volume increases. And the Cost To Serve (CTS) some Customers may be greater than the CTS of other Customers.

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MS-242 Dynamic Prices

Dynamic Prices allow Prices to vary by Customers. Different Customers might get different Prices because they can negotiate higher discounts. Or Customer Prices may vary because of different Shipping Costs. The Price Adjustment Variable (PAV) might be used when Prices vary by a percentage – such as when certain Customers get a percentage discount. The Price Adjustment Fixed (PAF) might represent different Shipping Costs.

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