Node Description

Feature Table To List

The ‘Feature Table to List’ node is designed to rotate a wide table of Product Features and convert it into an equivalent list of Product-Feature Pairs.

For example:

  Product1 Feature1 Feature2 Feature3 Feature4 Feature5
  Product1 Feature1
  Product1 Feature2
  Product1 Feature3
  Product1 Feature4
  Product1 Feature5

The ‘Feature Table to List’ node is typically used upstream of a ‘Product Generator’ node. The ‘Product Generator’ node expects to receive an ‘Input Product Features’ table as two-column list of Product-Feature pairs. However, it is often easier for a user to manage Product Features (in Excel) as a wide table where each column represents a different high-level Attribute.

For example, a user may prefer to manage the Features that make up various ice cream Products in a wide table having the column headings: Product, Flavor, Color, Packaging, Size, and Toppings. For the ‘Product Generator’ node to be able to process this table, the data would first need to be converted into a list with two columns: Product, Feature.

This Community Node documentation assumes you have already downloaded the open-source KNIME analytics platform and installed the free Market Simulation (Community Edition) plugin. If not, start by returning to Getting Started.

#1 Feature List

Rotates a wide table input of Product Features into an equivalent output list of Product-Feature Pairs. These Product-Feature Pairs can then be used by a downstream ‘Product Generator’ node to generate a Product Array and WTP Matrix.


Wide Table

The Input Features Table defines each Product in the format of a wide table. The table includes:

  1. Product: each row contains a unique Product name
  2. Features: all of the other columns can correspond to the different Features associated with each Product.
  3. Details: Additional Product details for Price, Cost, and Quantity sold.



Select all of the Feature columns from the Input Features Table to include in the Output Features List.


Feature List

The Output Feature List contains the equivalent set of Features listed from the Input Features Table listed as Product-Feature pairs.

#2 Product Generator

Creates the final set of Products by iterating through the Feature List and aggregating together all of the matching Customer Distributions.


Feature List

Generated by the upstream ‘Feature Table To List’ node.

Customer Distributions

Generated by the upstream ‘Matrix Distributions’ node.



No configuration is required.


Product Array

Re-assembles the Product details from the original wide input table.

WTP Matrix

The Output Willingness To Pay (WTP) Matrix is made up of the aggregated Feature Customer Distributions found within each Product.