Getting Started

My First Workflow

This post provides an introductory tour of a KNIME workflow. Topics that are covered include:

  • Loading and Saving Workflows
  • Finding Node Help
  • Searching for New Nodes
  • Dragging Nodes into the Workflow
  • Finding the Node ID
  • Configuring a Node
  • Viewing the Node Output
  • Viewing Node Charts
  • Zooming into a Workflow
  • Running a Workflow
  • Stopping a Workflow
  • Resetting a Node
  • Checking Loop Progress
  • Dragging Excel Data into a Workflow
  • Editor Setup for the Grid and Connections
  • Adding Comments

High Level Overview


  • #1 Save and Load Workflows: All Workflows are found in the KNIME Explorer in the left-hand sidebar.
  • #2 Node Help: Help for each Node can be found by selecting the Node and viewing the right-hand sidebar.
  • #3 Search for New Nodes: You can search for the Node you are looking for by starting to type the Node’s name in the search box.
  • #4 Drag Nodes onto Workflow: Once you’ve found the Node you want to add, you can simply drag it into the Workflow.
  • #5 Node ID: It is important to turn on the Node ID in the workflow when reading this website. The Node ID will also be displayed on the Configuration and Output for all of this website’s how-to posts.
  • #6 Check Loop Progress: If the “Node Monitor” window does not appear automatically then from the top-menu in KNIME select: [View][Other…][KNIME Views][Node Monitor]

Node Details


  • #1 Node Configuration: To open the Configuration Dialog for the Node, double-click the Node in the Workflow View.
  • #2 Node Output: To view the Node’s table Output, right-mouse-click the Node then select the table from the bottom of the popup menu.
  • #3 Chart Views: The Node’s Chart Views can also be found in the popup menu when right-mouse-clicking the Node.
  • #5 Node ID: The Node ID can be found on both the Configuration Dialog and the Output Table in the top-left-corner.
  • #6 Sort Results: Node Table Output data can be sorted by clicking on the Header.

Running a Workflow


  • The key buttons to run and stop a Workflow are all located in the top toolbar.
  • The Workflow zoom control is also located in the top toolbar.
  • If a node is taking a long time to run, place your mouse cursor over the node’s progress bar to see additional details.

Adding Excel Data


To add data from an Excel file into a KNIME Workflow you can drag it directly from your computer’s File Manager. This will automatically add an “Excel Reader” node to your Workflow. You might have to double-click the node to configure it for the type of data you expect by, for example, telling the Excel Reader Node that the first row in the Excel file contains headings.

Editor Settings


  • #1 Workflow Editor Settings: The Editor Settings allow you to customize how you would like your Workflow to look.
  • #2 Settings Shortcut: There is also a shortcut button to open the Workflow Editor Settings on the top toolbar.
  • #3 Grid Size: A convenient Grid Size is 30 pixels x 40 pixels. This will allow Nodes to be spaced exactly 4 grid-lines apart (both horizontally and vertically).
  • #4 Curved Connections: Having Curved Connections can make your Workflow easier to read.