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Market Simulation (Community Edition) and the KNIME Data Analytics Platform are both free. You can download and start using them right away.

But if you need something extra we can help. Here are some ideas…

We can help you getting started with KNIME and Market Simulation.

Supplement textbook learning with interactive simulations.

We can build a simulation of your market using your data.

Train your managers with a game customized to your industry.

Explain what happened in a case study and predict what will happen next.

Got a tricky algorithm to integrate?
We can build you a custom node.

We can optimize your success when
your developing a new product.

Our Price Optimization can lift revenue and profitability without losing customers.

Which products add the most value?
Which can be dropped from inventory?

Give Feedback

Our goal is to grow these free Market Simulation tools to solve any economics problem. You can help!

  • Share these tools with your colleagues and students,
  • Challenge us with microeconomics problems,
  • Send a business case study for us to convert into a workflow,
  • Suggest a node that would help the broader community, and
  • Brainstorm how these tools could be brought into the classroom.

Mostly we hope that you try the tools yourself and give us some feedback.
If you suggest something that everybody can use then we’ll add it to the software for free.

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