WN-111 Enhanced Customer Distributions Node

WN-111 Enhanced Customer Distributions Node

What’s New

Two improvements have been made to the Customer Distributions node:

  1. Distribution Naming, and
  2. Chaining together multiple Customer Distribution nodes.

Distribution Naming: In the past, solo Customer Distributions would all be named ‘Distribution’. To change this name it was necessary to use the KNIME ‘Column Rename’ node. It was only possible to directly specify a Customer Distribution Name if an optional ‘Input Attribute List’ was connected to the top-port of the node. Now it is possible to set a user-defined name for each solo Customer Distribution within the node’s Configuration Dialog.

Chaining Customer Distributions: In the past, the KNIME ‘Column Appender’ node or the KNIME ‘Joiner’ node was required to collect together multiple Customer Distributions into a single table. Now a new (optional) ‘Input Customer Distributions’ port has been added to the bottom of the Customer Distributions node. Using this bottom-port allows the user to link upstream Customer Distributions so that they are automatically appended before the new Customer Distributions generated downstream.



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