WN-114 KNIME Technology Partner

WN-114 KNIME Technology Partner

What’s New

Scientific Strategy is now an official KNIME Technology Partner. Before, the Market Simulation software needed to be downloaded from the Scientific Strategy website (scientificstrategy.com). But now, all software updates should be downloaded directly from the KNIME Update Site.

Software Sites

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Like most other plugins, the Market Simulation software is loaded from an “Update Site” available directly through KNIME. The site is called: KNIME Partner Update Site. This site is disabled by default, so you will first need to enable the site before you can install the Market Simulation nodes.

  • From within KNIME, go to [File][Preferences]
  • Select [Install/Update] then [Available Software Sites]
  • Find the existing site called “KNIME Partner Update Site”
  • Check the site to¬†Enable it and apply changes

Install New Software

Click through the graphics gallery (above) for more help.
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Now that you’ve enabled the Update Site you will need to download and install the software:

  • Click [Help] then [Install New Software…]
  • [Work with]: “KNIME Partner Update Site”
  • When the list of available software is shown, select “Market Simulation nodes by Scientific Strategy for KNIME”
  • You may need to unhide items that are already installed if the software does not appear in the list
  • Finish installing the software
  • You will need to restart KNIME before you can see the new Market Simulation nodes
  • Scientific Strategy’s “Robotic Hand” will appear on the KNIME splash-screen if the software has been loaded correctly

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