WN-122 Enhancements to the Matrix Distributions Node

WN-122 Enhancements to the Matrix Distributions Node

What’s New

Default Correlation: The user can set the default Correlation for all generated Distributions from the Matrix Distributions Configuration Dialog. This default Correlation will be applied to all Customer Distributions found in the Input Attribute List and the Input Correlation Matrix. The default Correlation will be overridden by the row-column Correlation values found in the Input Correlation Matrix as long as both the [row][column] and [column][row] value are not missing. Uncorrelated Distributions will have a Correlation = 0.0, while perfect Correlation = 1.0.


Configuration Dialog

Correlation Matrix

Correlation Chart

See Also

CN-121 Matrix Distributions Node

The Matrix Distributions node takes an Input Correlation Matrix and uses the correlation values between each row and column to create a set of correlated Customer Distributions.

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