The Science of Markets

What is it?

Scientific Strategy has built comprehensive Market Science software using Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Community Edition is freely available for you to download and use today.

Simulator Nodes

Data Analytics Nodes

Example Workflows

Why Simulate?


Discover how to increase Profitability without losing Customers.


Predict where Customers will go if there is a change in the Market.


Shape the Product Assortment to drive more Revenue.

Free Community Edition

Analytics Platform

Built on a free and open-source platform, called KNIME (pronounced “nime”), with additional plugins to support unlimited data analytics.

Visual Toolkit

Specialized set of Market Science nodes that can be flexibly linked to simulate any market.

Any Operating System

Markets can be analyzed on any operating system, including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Getting Started

Download KNIME

Download and install the free KNIME Data Analytics platform from

Install Toolkit

From within KNIME, install the “Market Simulation nodes by Scientific Strategy” plugin.

Learn How

Read the “How-To” articles from this website. Articles come complete with sample workflows.

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